What started as a one-man trailer agency, blossomed into Good Hands an award winning creative film agency based in Europe, Romania, with work spanning over a decade. Our approach has always been to find the fastest, most creative and intelligent way to advertise movies.
We’ve been honored to team up with iconic filmmakers, showrunners and marketing or sales teams to overcome time and budget issues in every marketing challenge we faced during our creative journey across film’s lifecycle. The creative minds inside Netflix, HBO, ARRI Media, Entertainment One, Millenium Media, Ambi Group, 13 Films, Luxbox, Latido, The Match Factory, Wild Bunch, Global Screen and other critically acclaimed powerhouse sales agents put their trust in GH creative powers for over 250 titles. Their motion pictures are still in good hands.



With the help of our core divisions Creative & Key Art & Music, we provide a vast variety of services, whether it be originating pre-production creative ( sales KA / AV ),  producing trailers, creating original content ( live action shoots or remote production), music composition and specific trailer score, or creating and delivering 360,  full print, outdoor and online campaigns.

We craft motion picture previews since 2008. And our passion for the cinematic universe is still the main reason that drives us. Hope to team up with you in the future!